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Daniel Greene Smith grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and attended the Putney School in 1983 in Vermont. He went to Madison, Wisconsin in 1990 where he attended the University of Wisconsin, and majored in English and Philosophy. He graduated from UW Madison in 1995, and was The University's Felix Pollack Thesis Award Winner in Poetry that year for “A Carpenter's Songs.”

Photo by Glenn Austin Sr. ©2004

Smith wrote for Isthmus news magazine from 2000 to 2002 and in 2000 Smith was awarded second place for "Best Analytical Article," by the Milwaukee Press Club for the Isthmus cover story, "I Confess".

His primary work in progress is a non fiction book on a figure 8 motorcycle tour around the United States that documents both the 11,000 mile journey around the country and Mr. Smith’s journey into addiction. It is tentatively titled “Around The Country And Into The Animal”

Smith brings a “bare-knuckled” voice to his work as a journalist as well as his more creative works. “I try to be as straightforward as possible to create an intimacy with the reader. If they’re going to spend time with your work they have to know that they are on a journey that will be worth it, they have to trust you.”

Smith’s journey around the country lasted four and a half months and in his work in progress he tells the stories of getting caught in hurricane Dennis in Shenandoah National Park on the East coast, as well as his first experience with detoxing. Throughout all of his work there is an honesty that is compelling and powerful.

The photo below is from 1999 when Smith lived at the Chelsea Hotel in where Smith started work “Around The Country And Into The Animal.”
The photo on the right is from 1993 when Smith worked as a carpenter for Shaw Construction in Madison, Wisconsin.  
Awards, Features
  1995 Felix Pollack Thesis Prize
  1995 Wisconsin State Journal
  1999, 2002 Critics Choice, Isthmus
  1999, Milwaukee Senitnel
  2000 2nd place, Best Analytical Article, Milwaukee Press Club
  Wisconsin Public Radio
  Jean Feracca Show: 1995, 1999
  Higher Ground with Jonathan Overbe: 2003
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